Take Steps to Protect Your Property

Take Steps to Protect Your Property

Retain a foreclosure defense attorney in Cheyenne, Dubois, WY or beyond

The threat of a foreclosure is a scary thing. The last thing you want is to lose your home. If you're facing a foreclosure, turn to Knight Law Offices LLC based in Cheyenne and Dubois, WY and serving the Riverton and Lander areas. As a foreclosure defense attorney, attorney Knight will advise you on potential ways to stop the foreclosure process.

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Wondering how you can protect your property?

When you're facing a foreclosure, you'll have several options on how to proceed depending on the details of your situation. A few common foreclosure defenses include situations where:

  • A mortgage servicer error occurs
  • A lender engaged in unlawful lending practices
  • The party being foreclosed on is on active military duty
  • The foreclosing party can't prove they own the mortgage
  • The foreclosing party didn't follow Wyoming foreclosure procedures

Attorney Knight will work with you to determine how you want to proceed with your situation. If you need a foreclosure defense attorney, contact him today.